Book Cover Designers

Book Cover’s book cover designers are simply the best around! Chances are, you have scoured the net looking for a good blend between price and design only to discover a lot of “B” and “C” level creativity. We only give an “A” effort because we want to be just as proud of the final book as you are! Just take a peak around our website for evidence.

Here is the kicker…. judging a book by its cover is supposed to be wrong, but we all do it… so will your potential readers. If your cover does not stop your audience and beg them to read the back, it is a bad cover. At our design process starts with your vision. You know what you want…you know your audience…our primary goal is to capture and enhance what you see. For those of you who need that expert input, we have got your back!


  • Every project begins with our pricing form. There you can determine if our prices and quality are the thing of dreams and we can see if you are our kind of client.
  • All cover information including title, subtitle, lead in, client supplied artwork, publisher logo, back cover copy,
    author bio and author picture can be emailed directly to us.
  • A brief phone discussion is generally all it takes to understand what you are looking for.
  • Within a week or so we will send you a mock-up to react to. (If you have a legitimate rush just let us know!
    We’ve been known to bend over backwards to meet a deadline.)
  • Once a cover mock-up is approved we will go to town finishing the entire cover.
  • We then generate a print ready pdf and work directly with your printer to make sure all specifications are met. Thats it!