Typesetting Gurus

AuthorSupport.com specializes in taking your manuscript to the next level with a customized, skillfully designed layout and then providing a file that can be used by print-on-demand and traditional printers. No project is too complex for our typesetters! You get professional, top-quality interior layout that matches your book cover. We’ll work with you on both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts—from the simple to the very complex—to make your project a work of art!


  • Every project begins with our pricing form. There you can determine if our prices and quality are the thing of dreams and we can see if you are our kind of client.
  • Your manuscript can be emailed to us in any type of text file.
  • Our preference is for each chapter to be in its own file. Of course we can take the entire book in one document. Just know that when we build your book block we will break your chapters out into separate files.
  • Our goal is to connect your interior layout to your cover. The entire book should be a seamless presentation.
    With that in mind within a week or so of receiving your manuscript we will show you a sample chapter.
  • Once the interior sample is approved we will go to town finishing the book block.
  • Next comes corrections. Our preference is to take text corrections over the phone. (That is much faster).
    For some of our larger clients we still accept hand edits via mail.
  • We then generate a print ready pdf and work directly with your printer to make sure all specifications are met. That’s it!